Monday, 25 July 2022

Necrocomp. It's on now (July 25-29, 2022)

Want to try your hand at a swords'n'sorcery parser adventure and compete for high score glory and Steam/itch game prizes during a five-day play window? These are the wages and circumstances of Necrocomp, which I'm running now (July 25-July 29, Australian time).

The game you'll be playing in Necrocomp is Necron's Keep by Dan Welch. This combat-RPG is janky and buggy, but also fun and challenging. Get ready to die A LOT as you try to find out what happened to the archmage Necron. Grapple with xp, levels, spells, spell components, hit points – and no UNDO – as you try to get the highest score you can.

Necrocomp is open to everyone. I'm hosting it simultaneously from and my Andromeda Acolytes Discord server. Technically it's the third competition in the Discord, but I've realised it's too great a challenge for text adventuring newbies, hence I'm casting the net open to more regular or experienced players of parser games.

The competition prizes are all adventure/RPG/interactive fiction computer games. Mostly from Steam, with some from itch-io or direct download.

To read the rules of Necrocomp and get the online play link, visit my topic on

Join in, have fun.

PS – My sci-fi parser game Andromeda Acolytes is having a beta test preview on Steam from July 30 to August 2. It's now accepting signups on Steam. Just press the green Request Access button on its Steam page. The Andromeda Acolytes Kickstarter opens on August 3.

The beta is for chapter one of the game which, as you might expect of a first chapter, is fairly gentle, and includes the tutorial.

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