Thursday, 16 July 2015

Leadlight Gamma interview on IndieSider #26

For episode 26 of the video/podcast series IndieSider, the show's host Ken Gagne invited me on to talk about Leadlight Gamma and IF. This episode is out today.

IndieSider's structure is that episodes start with a game overview/demo (about 8 minutes in this case) then the interview plays over gameplay footage (about 30 minutes in this case). Or you can get an all-audio version.

Ken pointed out that I've already talked about making Leadlight per se a fair bit in various media in the past, so the focus of this episode is on porting the game, releasing it commercially and other stuff.

You can watch the video (or get the audio) and peruse episode links on the IndieSider/Gamebits homepage:

Or if you're Youtubey, you can watch the vid there:

I hope you enjoy your trip through this door.

Thanks again to Ken again for having me.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Vlad The Impaler review (on Steam - Mac /PC)

I've reviewed the CYOA-RPG gothic IF Vlad The Impaler on IFDB: My review.

It's a game I've replayed a lot more than I might expect for a game whose replayability I specifically criticise. But maybe what I like about it isn't all down to how it was intended to work.

The game is available on Steam for Mac / PC: