Friday, 4 September 2015

Ghosterington Night source'n'assets

Last week I released release 3 (sorry about the double 'release') of my 2012 Ectocomp mini-IF 'Ghosterington Night'. The reason for the update is that I want to keep the game's publicly available source code up-to-date. It's now compatible with the latest incarnation of Inform 7, 6L38. The game was originally written in 6G60 of the previous generation of Inform.

The game's source is organised and commented. I'm trying to maintain it as an example of a small but whole and up-to-date Inform 7 game that new authors (or anyone else) can look at and take ideas from.

I've also included the game's two multimedia assets, a title graphic and a short theme tune, in the download. This will let anyone generate the whole game on their own computer. The first few comments in the source code tell you what has to be where, file-wise, but really there's almost no fiddling involved. Exercises like this have been made considerably easier by the new Inform, which supports game-specific extensions that won't interfere with a user's personal extension library.

The game and source code are available on IFDB.