Friday, 4 September 2020

IFComp 2020 Music Prize info

This post offers a few more details about the IFComp 2020 prize I'll be offering than will be able to fit on their screen.

The prize is a music commission. I'll compose and produce something for you, or derive something from unreleased recordings I have if they're the ideal match, for your chosen purpose.

I specialise in instrumental and electronic music, but can do or wrangle many styles and things, so long as you don't want me to supply vocals.

For last year's picker of this prize, I composed a theme song for the new version of his show opening:

Here are my Restrictive Clauses!

  • For non-commercial use, the purpose can be almost anything. For commercial use, the piece can contribute to some creative project you've made or are making. I can decline if the purpose is hazardous, inscrutable or commercially murky, etc.
  • Length is a limitation, but up for reasonable negotiation in context. For instance, some electronic or ambient music can be made quite long in the same time it would take to produce a shorter piece in some other kinds or genres. Composing to vision also takes more time.
  • If you pick this prize, you have to call it in within a year.

Links to my music

  • My long-term electronic music project is Aeriae:

Peril Triage is my most recent EP. DE is a live set recording. Victris is my most recent album.)

  • Some other pieces I've made in different genres can be found on the following Bandcamp page:

of which, the ones listed below were actually for IF games:

Black Giant (sci-fi theme)

Andromeda 1983 (C64 style in-game)

Kerkerkruip (Diablo-esque)

Leadlight Gamma (horror, eclectic)

Ghosterington Night (cheesy spooky)

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