Friday, 27 September 2019

IFComp 2019 music prize info

This post will be linked to from the IFComp 2019 site to offer a few more details than can fit on their screen.

I'm offering a music commission as a prize. So if you pick this prize, I'll compose and produce something for you, or derive something from unreleased recordings I have, for your chosen purpose. The piece can be for commercial use or other.

I specialise in instrumental and electronic music, but can do or wrangle almost anything, so long as you don't want vocals.

Length is a limitation, but up for reasonable negotiable in context. For instance, some electronic or ambient music can be made quite long in the same time it would take to produce a shorter piece in some other kinds or genres.

If you pick this prize, you have to call it in within a year.

* My long-term music project is Aeriae:

* Here are some other pieces I've made. A few were mentioned in my preceding post about parser games and music:

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