Thursday, 21 June 2018's Summer Sale is on. Leadlight Gamma sale is on.

Leadlight Gamma desktop screenshot (click to enlarge)'s June 19 – June 26 Summer Sale is on now. If you're ready to try to apprehend a variety of games that make Steam's offerings look like the ultimate in white bread, take a gander at what's on itch's front page, then click the View All Games on Sale link. There are 708 as I type this. (Honestly, because there's no list view, and you have to scroll and scroll and scroll, it's not the best presentation. Come to think of it, I should make a suggestion to itch about this.)

Of course, as per my previous post, I'm here to remind you that the Leadlight Gamma + Bandcamp Soundtrack deal is part of itch's sale. You get the game plus the Bandcamp soundtrack for US$1.67, until the end of this week.

Leadlight Gamma ios screenshot (click to enlarge)

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