Sunday, 20 October 2019

Leadlight Gamma Halloween 2019 sale

When macOS Catalina was released, something spooky happened.

The Mac version of the IF game I'm selling on did not break. No maintenance was required in order to keep it working on Macs running Catalina. None at all.

If you find this story eerie, consider that it's only half as eerie as the survival horror-CRPG-text adventure game I'm spruiking, Leadlight Gamma ( page link) (works on Macs, PCs, iOS via Frotz for iOS, and anything that can play gblorbs EXCEPT Android interpreters) which will be on sale for half price during the Halloween period October 24 to November 5th-ish.

That half price will be USD 3.33 (THIS IS THE ACTUAL SALE LINK).

Here are a couple of things about Leadlight Gamma I haven't mentioned too often:

* If you clear the game, you get the so-called-helps, which make it easier to find missing points.

* If you clear the game with a perfect score, you unlock the tour mode, which brandishes images from some novel sources to illustrate its points. For instance, this image,

and this one,

And don't forget about the features I have often mentioned: graphic automap, soundtrack, easter egg that's a playable game, customisable in-game display, etc etc.

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